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It’s been awhile since my last post. Been super busy with Emarketed! I’m going to try and start posting regularly again.. we shall see if I’m able to keep it up. It’s tough to blog regularly. Our company blog is handled by one of our talented in-house copywriters who writes on a regular basis for us and other clients we market.

OK, back to the reason for this post. I’ve read about widget ads from Google on Search Engine Land but haven’t see one that I can remember. See the example to the left for the ad from Rail Europe that showed up on a YouTube channel I was watching. So I was able to click through to Rail Europe but when I tried to fill out the form on the ad with London to Paris to find a fare the form went black. The spooky thing about this ad is that I’ve actually been considering a trip to Europe to attend the Future of Web Design Conference.  And I’ve been to Rail Europe in the last 30 days to check how much it would be to take the tube over to Paris. Hmmm.. I wonder if my search behavior pulled this ad specifically for me???


I’m on a writing spree! Two blog posts back to back. Hold on to your seats!!  🙂

I was looking for the Emarketed Facebook fan page to post the URL from the last blog I wrote and since to my knowledge there’s no easy way to find the fan page I had to do a search for “emarketed” in the search bar at the top while logged on in Facebook and got the below results from Bing at the bottom of the page. You then have the option of viewing more web results from Bing which I did and found some interesting results where we were coming up… 500 pages to be exact which were links from sites we’ve designed over the years, different social media sites we’re on, and more! I went through about 100 of these and found some interesting links. Found a college site that used one of the sites we designed and listed us as a reference for the information.  Found us mentioned on several employee web pages listed as a reference, current and past employees. Also found one of our clients site that was copied and uploaded to a new domain. The site isn’t functioning properly but I’ll have to let our client know. Interesting stuff! I only made it through 100 results but might do some further digging to see where our name is being used.

I’ll have to do another blog post on monitoring your company name/brand soon!  We’re currently doing this through Google Alerts but we haven’t been notified of all the ones I just found so I’ll have to look for a more extensive service. One service we’re testing out now is called Trackur. I recently met the founder, Andy Beal, of Trackur at the most recent SES in Chicago and he upgraded my account to a higher level so I can test it out. Thanks Andy! I’m sure his program Trackur will be tracking this blog post. Lets put his program to a test and see if he reads this blog post. (Andy, Please add a comment if you happen to find this blog post – i’m putting your program to the test since I’m sure you’re tracking your name and/or your company name! – Thanks, Matt) I need to get on this and start tracking our name more extensively! I’ll post a review of Trackur after we’ve used it for a month or so.online reputation monitoring

bing video resultsWow! Another cool feature for Bing! So I did a search for our company this morning, emarketed, and then clicked the video button up at the top. It then displayed all the videos on our YouTube.com channel. When I hovered over the videos I discovered that most of the videos will play directly on Bing within the thumbnail.  See below for an example. The left navigation also lets you narrow down the search by length, screen type, resolution, and source. I still haven’t made the switch but this is a cool feature. I imagine Google will follow. I also noticed this morning that Bing had my search history for the day and this was actually from searches I made this morning on Google.. hmm..

twitter vs. google/msnWell there are more talks coming up in the search industry about Google and Miscrosoft bidding for Twitter, the micro blogging champ. Hmm? I wonder what this would look like. Both plan on using the site to push adverisements and are also bidding on becoming the advertisment provider with sponsored ads. Google of couse has a much larger network and a proven sponsored ad program while Microsoft has been playing catch up for the last few years. I think if I had to choose between Google and Microsoft, I’d choose Google. I just feel they’d do a better job with Twitter and let Twitter keep to it’s own plan and just try and monetinize the ad placement. Twitter is making out either way of course and that’s where I’d like to be in 5 to 6 years. If Google or Microsoft is reading this blog, make a note of emarketed and come looking in about 4 years. Hopefully sooner but a lot of things need to happen first!