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Wow! Just saw GoDaddy deal for $15 per month for unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains. You could host hundreds of sites for $15 a month. I’ve seen some pretty good deals out there but this takes the cake. Oh wait, Host Gator is also one I’ve used and they have a similar plan for $8. I’ve been very happy with Host Gator, from reliability to support they’ve been great! Their plan comes with your own toll free number which includes 100 free minutes! Both the GoDaddy and Host Gator plan comes with a free SSL cert in case you need to have a certificate for ecommerce or other secure transactions. For a control panel I’d recommend cpanel which Host Gator provides. It’s much easier to use. The Go Daddy panel can be difficult and limited in what you can do. Both come loaded with plenty of software so you should be good to go. My favorite of course being WordPress, a great blogging platform! Both plans also come with a credit to Google Adwords in case you’d like to market your new site through pay per click advertising.  Host Gator seems to be a step ahead with this one as well by offering $50 while GoDaddy offers a $25 credit. GoDaddy makes up for this though with a $25 credit to facebook (sorry facebook! wordpress wouldn’t allow me for some reason to link to you). Host Gator offers a 45 day money back guarantee while GoDaddy does not, but both are cheap and you can go month to month. Drum roll please….. dndndndndnd And the winner for the affordable web hosting award goes to HOST GATOR!! Good job Host Gator!! They also provide green web hosting that are powered and cooled by wind power in the state of Texas!! They also have a fall special so signup before Nov 1st to receive 20% off your order. And I have no affiliation with them I swear! Just a happy web hoster!host gator green web hosting


If you have a Web site and aren’t signed up with Google Webmaster Tools your missing out an a valuable resource. I just had a site that was coming up with the wrong title in a search result in Google. I added the site to Google Webmaster Tools and it crawled the site right away. I then went back and did the search again and the site title and description had changed! Wow! There’s a wealth of tools that are all free. You can easily find broken links, submit XML site maps, see how often the Googlebot visits your site (see below for a screen shot), and much more! You can also add multiple sites to the same dashboard.

view from google webmaster tools

One thing you’ll need to do right away so that all the features work properly is to verify your site. You can do this two ways, either by uploading a blank page to the root directory or add a meta tag. Google does this to verify that you are the site owner.

Stay tuned for more blog posts with more detailed information on some of the most important features.

view from google webmaster tools