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I just visited this site and it had a message specific to my location! I’m sure we’ll start seeing more of this in the near future. Basically they have a script on their site that does a look up of your IP address to find out where you are. The web design company has staff in San Francisco, New York and the UK so the message tells me who’s closest. See below for a screen shot of the message. The  problem with this though is that the script won’t always be able to look up the IP address since some networks that you’re in will block this and also some IPs that your ISP will provide you will have a different location.. none the less it worked for this site and is pretty cool!


ecommerce site designWow! I just came across this site through a Google ad when I did a search for “ecommerce software” and was shocked to find no pricing or no easily visible call to actions to get more info. They definitely push their video through a bright orange button that catches your eye but there’s no simple way to get more information other than clicking the contact button at the very top of the page. The Google ad drove me directly to their ecommerce page which is good but this page should of had a few easy ways for me to find out more about the product other than watching a video. The user also needs a way to learn more and should not be prompted to download a feature guide which is what they have in place. This site seems to be run by a decent size company who spent probably over 6 figures to build this site but it’s lacking some very basics. There’s also a list of data sheets which is fine but these pages could of been built in html and then the user could have the option to download the page or printing the page(s). So I was able to find out after downloading a 17 page PDF and running a search on what I was looking for but will the average user go through this many steps to find these answers? Probably not. You have less than a minute to capture the users attention and in most cases under 20 seconds. I actually stayed on much longer due to the point that I was shocked that there wasn’t an easy way to find out more!!

I stumbled across this site tonight and thought the home page was great initially. The more I think about it though the more I think this isn’t the best idea for a home page. The flash city background has a lot of movement which is eye catching but the logo up top is poor. The girl that comes out to welcome you is great and does a good job at explaining what the site does. But the sub pages are really poor. It’s as if this site never made it. The site is in 4 cities but the sub pages look like pages from the late 90s when frames were in style.  Once the initial home page wow factor is gone your left with a poorly designed site. The color scheme is also poor with a blue bold font on the yellow background. The mixed review has turned into a poor review.

flash home page

sub page

wake up landI’m going to start posting reviews of sites I like and dislike. This will be the first of many. This site is great…! From color to formatting this site does the job. See below for a few screen shots or visit the site. The site has a clean design with great call to actions that include signing up, logging in to your account, & a special right on the home page for a free week. They also do a great job with breaking up content by dividing content into 2 columns. As you click through the site it’s easy on the eyes to scan the pages and find what you’re looking for. On the sub pages they have a sign in area, sign up button, the free offer, and a testimonial. And the bottom they have they’re 5 key services broken up into small boxes with a small amount of information and a click more button to find out more. Great job!

bottom area that highlights 5 main services