Category: video marketing

This is hilarious! Toyota hired the right firm to put this viral video together. I’d love to find out who did this. This is a great example of a video that’s funny and a video that will be passed around on the Internet and go viral! I’ve already shared on facebook and with a few of my coworkers. Enjoy!

bing video resultsWow! Another cool feature for Bing! So I did a search for our company this morning, emarketed, and then clicked the video button up at the top. It then displayed all the videos on our channel. When I hovered over the videos I discovered that most of the videos will play directly on Bing within the thumbnail.  See below for an example. The left navigation also lets you narrow down the search by length, screen type, resolution, and source. I still haven’t made the switch but this is a cool feature. I imagine Google will follow. I also noticed this morning that Bing had my search history for the day and this was actually from searches I made this morning on Google.. hmm..