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It’s been awhile since my last post. Been super busy with Emarketed! I’m going to try and start posting regularly again.. we shall see if I’m able to keep it up. It’s tough to blog regularly. Our company blog is handled by one of our talented in-house copywriters who writes on a regular basis for us and other clients we market.

OK, back to the reason for this post. I’ve read about widget ads from Google on Search Engine Land but haven’t see one that I can remember. See the example to the left for the ad from Rail Europe that showed up on a YouTube channel I was watching. So I was able to click through to Rail Europe but when I tried to fill out the form on the ad with London to Paris to find a fare the form went black. The spooky thing about this ad is that I’ve actually been considering a trip to Europe to attend the Future of Web Design Conference.  And I’ve been to Rail Europe in the last 30 days to check how much it would be to take the tube over to Paris. Hmmm.. I wonder if my search behavior pulled this ad specifically for me???


facebook banner adJust clicked a Facebook banner ad that was showing up on Facebook while I was emailing a friend. The banner is to the right here and is targetted to adults that have kids or teens which I do.  Once you click the banner you get taken to a home page that is a good example of a landing page. The page presents you with a few options and has a clear message as to what this site is about. The site also does a good job with video on the sub pages. There’s definately a lot to be learned on this site which I’ll take some more time to peruse.

See below for a few screen shots of the website.

video webpage

good landing page design

opt out list

opt out list

Wow! This is a must read. Click the image to view the full story. Big brother, or shall I say Google, is watching your internet browsing and gearing ads on their site and other web properties they own. This isn’t new to me but I was surprised to see that they track your past usage to gear ads. One of these large properties being YouTube. So now if I’m YouTube and I haven’t opted out of Google (which I just did – you actually have to download a special Google opt-out plugin! They don’t want to make this easy for the common Joe Plumber.)This type of marketing is called behavior ad targeting. I just opted out of 18 sites that were tracking my internet behavior. By clicking this link you can run a check to see which sites are already tracking you. I had 18 out of 27 sites tracking my activities to serve me

google opt-out cookie plugin

google opt-out cookie plugin

ads on various sites as I surf the net. Most of these sites I was not familiar with. You’ll need to do this on all computers that you use and even different browsers if you surf the net like I do. The article also provides links to opt-out with Yahoo and MSN Live. Congress is presently talking about limiting these companies to some extent but for now you’ll need to opt-out manually through the link above.

Now I think these companies are going too far and I’m an online marketing consultant. I’d be curious to see the consensus in the search marketing industry. I’m sure some love it but at what point do you draw the line. Soon all our purchases will be tracked and our privacy will continued to be violated. I obviously opted out and feel very strongly that there needs to be a line drawn. Stay tuned for more!

facebook banner adJust saw this banner ad as I was spending some time on Facebook that caught my eye. I was not tempted to go for the offer but thought it was clever. “Get Your Obama Check” was the call to action. Once you click the banner you get taken to the site below. You can click the screen shot to visit the actual site. The site tries to push a free grant writing kit and you only have to pay for the postage. Sounds too good to be true. There’s also a copy of the check the person claims to have recieved from the government. The name doesn’t match up though with the about blurb. The name on the check is Jeffery and it’s listed as Mike under the about blurb to the right of the main content. Hmmm? Possible scam? The site also promotes another site which I’m sure has more to sell. The banner though is very appropriate in our current economic times so I’m sure plenty will click the banner to get their Obama money.

Free Government Money?

I was just updating my profile on myspace and came across this banner. Wow! I wonder if it has a good click through rate (CTR). All I wanted to do was leave the page. It also looks like it was put together by someone with no graphic design experience. It looks like it actually might be done through Google AdWords since there’s a “sponsored” area at the top. Now that I think about this a little more it’s definately an ad that grabs your eye. It’s not sexy like you’d expect to see where a model is showing her flat stomach so maybe that’s what they were going for. I’d love to hear your comments if you stumble across this post.

myspace banner ad