SalespersonWow! I have a few domains still with Network Solutions, the original provider of the .com, and in the last two days I’ve received a call and an email trying to solicit me for web marketing. I guess it makes sense for them to get into this business since they’ve been around for so long and probably have a ton of resources and backing to start competiting in the search marketing space. The reason I’m writing this blog post though is to talk about the tactic this particular salesperson is using to try and solicit my business. I’m not sure if this is Network Solutions new tactic or just a pushy salesperson. I hope the former. In the call he claims to have already spoken to me.. ok i get it. And in the email he sends, there’s no subject line and he references the call he made.. the email is brief but again he states that I’m interested in getting more clients through the internet.. hmmm? It’s not a huge deal but I’m anoyed at the fact that he’s claiming we’ve already communicated and that I’m also interested in getting more clients through the Internet. In my opinion, it’s not the best tactic. I would of rather received some helpful info along with how they’d get me more business. Well good luck Network Solutions. I’ll pass on your search marketing plans! They’re also one of the more expense domain sellers now so I’ll bet they’re search marketing plans are not cheap. Please post a comment if you know how much they’re services are going for. Thanks!