ecommerce site designWow! I just came across this site through a Google ad when I did a search for “ecommerce software” and was shocked to find no pricing or no easily visible call to actions to get more info. They definitely push their video through a bright orange button that catches your eye but there’s no simple way to get more information other than clicking the contact button at the very top of the page. The Google ad drove me directly to their ecommerce page which is good but this page should of had a few easy ways for me to find out more about the product other than watching a video. The user also needs a way to learn more and should not be prompted to download a feature guide which is what they have in place. This site seems to be run by a decent size company who spent probably over 6 figures to build this site but it’s lacking some very basics. There’s also a list of data sheets which is fine but these pages could of been built in html and then the user could have the option to download the page or printing the page(s). So I was able to find out after downloading a 17 page PDF and running a search on what I was looking for but will the average user go through this many steps to find these answers? Probably not. You have less than a minute to capture the users attention and in most cases under 20 seconds. I actually stayed on much longer due to the point that I was shocked that there wasn’t an easy way to find out more!!