It’s been far too long form my last post. Will start trying to make a better effort to blog more! Lets get right to it.

I had a site this week that was hacked! The site was compramised over the weekend and I found out Monday morning. Got the below error when visiting the site in Firefox. Had to submit a request through Google Webmaster Tools for Google to review once we removed the line of code that caused Google to pull the site down. Basically the site was still in tact but the hacker embeded the site in an iframe. The URL that was in question was showing up in the background.  I found this blog that covers the story with more details. The error stated that the site you were visiting is a “reported attack site!

reported attack site

reported attack site

So once we removed the code and asked Google to review we had to wait a few days. There was no way to expedite this! I tried calling some of my contacts at Google to expedite this but they said there was nothing they could do…

Anyhow the site is back up and our client is happy.