twitter vs. google/msnWell there are more talks coming up in the search industry about Google and Miscrosoft bidding for Twitter, the micro blogging champ. Hmm? I wonder what this would look like. Both plan on using the site to push adverisements and are also bidding on becoming the advertisment provider with sponsored ads. Google of couse has a much larger network and a proven sponsored ad program while Microsoft has been playing catch up for the last few years. I think if I had to choose between Google and Microsoft, I’d choose Google. I just feel they’d do a better job with Twitter and let Twitter keep to it’s own plan and just try and monetinize the ad placement. Twitter is making out either way of course and that’s where I’d like to be in 5 to 6 years. If Google or Microsoft is reading this blog, make a note of emarketed and come looking in about 4 years. Hopefully sooner but a lot of things need to happen first!