Twitter is a useful internet marketing tool that is extremely popular and has become the rage of this year.  Using Twitter is an effective way to reach hundreds, even thousands of people and have them start following your status updates.  Signing up for Twitter is easy and free and you can get started in mere minutes. Twitter is a useful resource for individuals used to blogging, business owners and anyone looking to network and find out more about billions of different micro-topics.  Following are a few of the reasons that Twitter is the buzzword of 2009.

You can always widen your network and Twitter allows you to follow “tweets”, topics and people that you are interested in and allows other to follow you.  If you are interested in learning about anything new there are experts and individuals with a plethora of knowledge that Twitter turns into 140 character or less micro blogs or status updates.  It’s a great place for people to share their personal interests, skills and thoughts and link other people to things that you think are interesting.  It’s debatable for some to choose whether or not to be constantly “online” and “available” but updates can be sent from cell phones and other mobile devices meaning the information stream is constantly changing and in real time.  Use responsibly and enjoy the ability to market, be found, and find others with similar interests and goals.