Well yesterday I covered some SEO basics. I’ll start with some more on page optimization tonight and then move on to off page optimization. Off page optimization refers to optimization that takes place away from your site. More to come on that shortly.

So after you’ve covered your title tags, titles, and anchor text I’d move on to meta tags. Meta tags are not as important as they use to be but I’d at least cover the following meta tags: title, keywords, and description.

At this point I’d go back through your site and name your images (alt tags) to match your keywords.

Does your site have enough content? This is something you might need to work on. If your covering 20 to 30 words than you should have a minimum of 10 pages. Search engines love content so make a plan to add new content on a regular basis. If you’re not a writer than search the net for a freelance copywriter. You can also use services like Elance to find a copywriter. SEO copywriters should be able to write copy for your website that’s targeted to your keyword list. Prices range from as low as $20 per page to hundreds per page. I’ve seen some copy go for over a thousand per page. A skilled copywriter who writes great copy for you can sometimes be worth these higher costs if they land you new business.

A site map is also very important. Make sure you have a link at the bottom of all your pages that link back to your site map. The site map should have links to all of your pages. This helps the search engines pick up all of your pages along with users who are browsing your site. I recently heard a study that was done that shows the site map is one of the most clicked links on a site and some internet users start with the site map to find what they’re looking for. An XML site map is also important. This is specifically for the search engines. A great tool that I use to generate XML site maps is also recommended. Just go to the XML site map link I posted and enter your site in and it will automatically be generated. Once you have your XML site map you’ll need to ftp it in to the root directory of your site.

It is also important to make sure your URLs are search engine friendly. If your using WordPress to build your site they have an option in the admin to make your URLs search engine friendly.

Well it’s gotten late again so my next post will be about off page optimization or off page seo.