Well I thought I’d post some info on SEO, short for search engine optimization. What’s all the hype about SEO? Well with rising pay per click (PPC) costs it makes more and more sense to optimize your site for your target keywords. For the beginners out there I’d start with some keyword research to see what words you should be targeting. There are many great tools out there. For now just do a search for free keyword tools and you’ll find some helpful ones. I use a few paid keyword tools, namely Wordtracker but I’ve used Keyword Discovery and a handful of other tools. I’ll make sure and write a post in the next few weeks on seo tools. Wordtracker has a free trial so you can test it out.

So I’d start with about 20 keywords. If your site is brand new than I’d stay away from keywords that are more competitive. How do I know if a keyword is competitive? The tools will help with this but a good way to see is to go to Google and do a search for your keyword. If the keyword has more than 5 million pages in the results than I’d stay away for it for now. If you go for words that are too competitive you’re wasting your time.

All right, lets get started. Lets saying your a personal trainer trying to get new clients that search the web for a personal trainer in the area they live in. Now you wouldn’t want to target the keyword “personal trainer”. That word is found on over 16 million pages in Google. Now lets say you work in Long Beach, California. You’d want to target a keyword such as “long beach personal trainer”. This word is found on just over 1 million pages.

So it’s important to start with words that you can compete on and now it will be time to optimize your site for your target keywords. Start with making sure all your title tags on your site have your keywords and are all different from page to page. After that go to each page and make sure you have a title or several titles on the page that have keywords that you used in your title tags. Use H1 and H2 tags for these titles. If your unclear what I’m talking about, you’ll need to get familiar with html basics. After this you’ll need to go back to the content if you have content already and make sure your keywords are listed throughout the content. Now you don’t want to list all 20 or 30 of your keywords on one page. I’d try and do 3 to 4 per page. And ideally you’d like to have some of these keywords link to other pages. An example of this would be the word I linked a few sentences ago “html basics”. That is referred to as an anchor link. It is also beneficial if this word is mentioned in the content on the page that you link to. So if you click the above “html basics” link you will see that the keyword is mentioned in the title and title tag (the title tag is what is displayed in the browser bar and is edited in the html). It is also worth noting here that the word that shows up is “html basic”. So using the “s” in the search pulls up this search as the number one result in Google. That site happens to be a highly trafficked web site but they have the basics covered for this keyword.

Well it’s getting late so I’m going to turn this blog post into a 2 or 3 parter. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!