Well I just ordered pizza from Domio’s Pizza and did it without having to call anyone. I went to the Domino’s site and clicked “order” and was able to build my own pizza and order it within a few minutes. The process was very simple. A 4 year old could order pizza from Domino”s online if they had their parents credit card and permission. My favorite part of the ecommerce experience was the pizza tracker. You get to track your order in real time. So you can see the order placed and who took the order in the store and who’s prepping the pizza. As I write this now I see that Cristian put our pizza in the oven at 12:01pm. The pizza tracker shows the following: order placed, prep, bake, box, delivery.

It was also fun building the pizza and seeing what it would look like with the differnt toppings. They also had a pop up box try and upsell you as you place your order. It worked on me today so I also ordered some buffalo wings. On the pizza tracker page they also have you rate the service, and ask you some questions about valentines day (collecting helpful data to market to me in the future).

See below for some screen shots of the order. I give this online ecommerce experience an A+. This might change if my order is late or incorrect. 😉build your pizzapopup to upsellpizza tracker