google paid searchJust thought I’d write a quick blog on my online experience tonight with VistaPrint. I needed to order some t-shirts for our website video marketing team that is going out shooting videos for emarketed clients and was in a hurry to get something cheap and fast. So I Googled “tshirt logo” and found VistaPrint which I’ve used before. They had the #2 position for the paid sponsor spot. They now print on pretty much anything you can think of.. So I went through the process of uploading the emarketed logo and editing the text on the back and had custom t-shirts ordered within 20 minutes. Wow! The editor was very easy to use and I experienced no problems throughout the process. And the checkout was painless although they try and up sell you on 20 or so other items which I expect them to do so it was no problem. Once again VistaPrint came to the rescue. I highly recommend them for businesses that are getting off the ground and need some promotional material. In the beginning you really need to watch your expenses and I guess this goes for us as well seeing as how we’ve been in business for over 10 years. In my early days I remember spending 300 to 400 on some polo shirts for a business I ran before emarketed. I used a few of these shirts but a majority just sat in my closet and eventually made it to Goodwill. This money should of been used more wisely!