facebook banner adJust saw this banner ad as I was spending some time on Facebook that caught my eye. I was not tempted to go for the offer but thought it was clever. “Get Your Obama Check” was the call to action. Once you click the banner you get taken to the site below. You can click the screen shot to visit the actual site. The site tries to push a free grant writing kit and you only have to pay for the postage. Sounds too good to be true. There’s also a copy of the check the person claims to have recieved from the government. The name doesn’t match up though with the about blurb. The name on the check is Jeffery and it’s listed as Mike under the about blurb to the right of the main content. Hmmm? Possible scam? The site also promotes another site which I’m sure has more to sell. The banner though is very appropriate in our current economic times so I’m sure plenty will click the banner to get their Obama money.

Free Government Money?