wake up landI’m going to start posting reviews of sites I like and dislike. This will be the first of many. This site is great… Wakeupland.com! From color to formatting this site does the job. See below for a few screen shots or visit the site. The site has a clean design with great call to actions that include signing up, logging in to your account, & a special right on the home page for a free week. They also do a great job with breaking up content by dividing content into 2 columns. As you click through the site it’s easy on the eyes to scan the pages and find what you’re looking for. On the sub pages they have a sign in area, sign up button, the free offer, and a testimonial. And the bottom they have they’re 5 key services broken up into small boxes with a small amount of information and a click more button to find out more. Great job WakeUpLand.com!

bottom area that highlights 5 main services